An integrated approach to your success online.

Elephant Room provides a simple yet effective approach to marketing and technology, to make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward. With strengths in both web development and digital marketing,
we give your business the best chance to succeed online.

Give yourself a bigger window

We build online presences that connect your growing business with larger audiences online.

eCommerce by Shopify

Utilising Shopify ‘s eCommerce platform, Elephant Room’s team of expert designers and developers take our clients’ businesses to the next level.

We have a deep understanding of the technologies that power sales online, helping your business to provide an excellent buying experience for your customers.

The custom online eCommerce solutions that we deploy ensure that you and your customers enjoy a seamless experience buying and selling online.

Education is a fundamental part of our service. We make sure that you feel confident in the technologies we leverage, and are here to help should anything arise. Anywhere, anytime.

Web Presence

Your web presence is the first, second, third impression of your business online.

We invest a significant amount of time and resources into the opening stages of any relationship to make sure we understand the essence of your business.

A deep understanding of what makes your business unique helps us tailor the perfect presence for you to ensure that your customers experience is seamless between the offline and the online experience.

Elephant Room uses WordPress as our platform of choice, due to it’s flexibility and speed to make changes for growing businesses.


Growing businesses thrive off strong relationships and a well managed network.

Managing the relationships that power your business is crucial to ongoing and long term success. We have expertise in setting up and maintaining customer relationship management systems to make sure that you’re looking after the people that look after you.



Every business is born to solve a problem, no two businesses are the same.

There are no template solutions in the way you run your business as there are no template solutions in the way we provide an online presence for your business.

The essence of your brand and the way in which you solve a problem is unique. We make sure that what makes you special offline is similarly mirrored by your custom-built online presence.

Crafted, pixel by pixel.

We help businesses put their best foot forward by concentrating the right messaging, in the right places at the right time.


Make sure your customers find you, and not your competitors.
Get in front of your customer by utilising Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

We work with Google AdWords (Text, Display, and Shopping) and Bing Ads, and create engaging content to ensure that your customers find you and hear what you have to say.

Our specialist paid search team will work with you, and make sure your Search campaigns are optimised and providing the best value possible for your budget.

Our digital producers and content writers will make sure your brand stays relevant and your community is engaged in the conversation.



Because you need to be where your customers are.
Communicate with your customers, where ever they might be through Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Retargeting ads, paid campaigns, influencer marketing.
No matter what it is, our Social Media Marketing will make sure you’re engaged in constant conversation with your customers using an arsenal of tools and strategies.



The modern day love letter, from you to your customers.
Email Direct Marketing is an essential tool for any business when it comes keeping your customers up to date.

Whether it be regular newsletters, custom automated emails based on segmentation, or promotional campaigns for the latest deals, Elephant Room will help you pen the right letter at the right time.


Transparent presence management

We leverage complex technologies in a simple and easy to use format to help you stay involved with the small steps that make a big change to your business.

Performance Reporting

Without data, our work would be based on opinion.

We provide comprehensive reports based on a deep understanding of the data that underpins your online business. This helps us develop the strategy around our strategic planning, emphasising activities that worked and eliminating activities that don’t best serve your business at that point in time.

Our reporting ensures transparency around the work provided, the results of the work and shapes how we move forward.

Data-Driven Strategy

Data drives our strategy, because there is truth in the numbers.

We’re constantly analysing customer behaviours and campaign effectiveness, and carefully honing our strategies and message to ensure results.

Our performance analysis team will illuminate your customer’s behavioural patterns and expose the weak links in your business.


Content Planning

We always work in advance to provide maximum transparency, room for feedback and improvement. You will know exactly what we are working on, when we are working on it and have ample opportunity for feedback.

We forecast a 30-day window of content to ensure that we’re always in the driver seat. This is adapted and tweaked on a month-by-month basis to help us make sure that the work is always results driven, data driven and meeting the needs of your business.